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Mental Health in The Workplace

Understand the importance of mental wellness in the workplace. We will provide actionable strategies for promoting it.

Key Takeaways

  • Get a deeper understanding of how investing in mental wellness can positively impact both individuals and the organization as a whole

  • Understand the common causes of workplace stress, such as high workload, lack of support and job insecurity, and discuss how these can contribute to mental health issues like anxiety, depression and burnout

  • Raise awareness of the warning signs of mental health problems and how to address them proactively

  • Equip participants with practical tools to enhance mental wellness and foster a healthy, thriving work environment from stress management techniques to creating a culture of open communication

Event Details

   - 30-60 minutes
   - Live session
   - Unlimited seats

   - 90-120 minutes
   - Live, interactive session
   - Up to 30 seats


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