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The Win-Win-Win Mindset

It all begins with mindset. The Win-Win-Win Mindset provides the foundations for an impactful leadership based on our unique approach Essence Leadership approach.

Key Takeaways

  • We will explore our psychology-based concept of the Win-Win-Win Mindset concept and its benefits for individuals and organisations

  • Attendees will learn how adopting this approach creates empowered individuals who are aligned with themselves and their values - and in turn enabled to empower teams, improve communication, increase collaboration, and be better at problem-solving

  • Equip participants with the tools needed to create a culture of mutual success founded on a deep understanding of the importance of leading from within. We examine real-world examples and providing practical strategies for implementing this mindset

  • Inspire attendees to shift their perspective and embrace the Win-Win-Win Mindset approach both for themselves and their organisation. 

Event Details

   - 30-60 minutes
   - Live session
   - Unlimited seats

   - 90-120 minutes
   - Live, interactive session
   - Up to 30 seats


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