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What We Strive For

We are dedicated to transforming people's lives by equipping them with the tools and insights to create the joyful life they deserve.  

Everything we do is delivered with care and respect. We strive to enable our clients and employees to operate from their best potential

Foggy Pier

(Our Why)

To alleviate unnecessary suffering for all.

(Our Goal)

To create a world where mental and physical health co-exist as complementary therapies and are both equally prioritised.

(Our How)

To help people reconnect to their innate power.

Our Workplace Culture

OM-Wellness is dedicated to positively contributing to the well-being of every individual globally.


We believe that you are best placed to serve, only once you have returned to alignment with yourself.


That's why we create a workplace environment where every employee can bring their best self to work – and can actively strive to mentor and nurture those in our community.

"It’s so rewarding to watch how people evolve and transform, especially during the retreats that Dr Oberdan leads. When he weaves his magic, you can see from people’s expressions how grateful they are. You hear the stories of how the techniques helped them free from pain they’d carried for so long. To support that work is an honour – to walk the talk in helping make the world a better place."


Global Head Growth & Engagement


"You don’t have to speak to Dr Oberdan for long to know how passionate he is about his work. That passion eventually rubs off on you and you have this desire to help others too. It has been a very rewarding journey thus far."


Office Manager


"Dr Oberdan has nurtured and motivated me to see beyond the past to help me heal. His work and techniques show drive and passion that I feel honoured to be working alongside with. I have seen people grow and heal from past traumas and I now believe that nothing is impossible. I feel a sense of fulfilment everyday when I leave work to know he was able to help someone. Looking forward to the journey ahead to grow and to be able to help others."


"Working with Dr Oberdan is an intense experience. You see how he dedicates his knowledge and experience to healing people. And you sense that passion and drive to help people. I’m so proud to be part of this good work."


Office Manager

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