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Leadership Discovery


Leadership Discovery

Learn the fundamental components of impactful and successful leadership. Understand yourself to take control of your leadership and your team’s performance.


3 Hours

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The time is now to


Absorb yourself in this exclusive event


What will you focus on today?

Each individual's Essence defines his or her true potential. When you reconnect to your Essence, you unlock the latent potential within. You can be a more effective leader, a more inspiring speaker, and the catalyst that makes powerful impact through your work and drive groundbreaking change.

We provide you with the knowledge and strategies to identify your true potential, enabling you to take your leadership skills to the next level and enhancing your ability to deal with complex organisational issues effectively.


Why now?

Take control of your leadership and your team’s performance. Drive your vision and balance with your organisational needs.

Great benefits for all


Find your purpose when you reconnect to your values. Understand how to create balance between competing needs.


When you are in alignment with yourself, communicate with clarity.


Communicate in a persuasive way. Be heard and listened to.

The Programme

This 3-hour experience is an impactful way to discover how to apply the OM-Wellness philosophy to effective leadership and influence.

Whether you own your own business, run a company, business unit or team, this leadership introduction will equip you with a new and deeper understanding of effective and realistic leadership.

We will cover:

  • An introduction to the OM-Wellness philosophy for effective leadership (to self and others)

  • The essentials of leadership

  • The core skills to lead oneself and others to join our initiatives

  • An open Q&A to answer all your questions

This experience will help you to:

  1. Understand the central tenets of effective leadership

  2. Identify your core leadersihp needs

  3. Introduce tools and techniques for more impactful influence

  4. Remove those unhealthy practices that stifle your leadership

  5. Conceive the roadmap towards fulfilling your vision, however great it is

Leadership Discovery


Dr. Oberdan Marianetti

Dr Oberdan Marianetti has two decades of Psychology experience, helping people navigate the complexity of modern life, first as an in-house psychologist for financial institutions and then as an independent professional.

At the peak of his corporate career, he was the Global Head of the Learning and Organisational Development team, where he built, empowered and inspired teams to deliver their best.

His experience in corporate ranged broadly from one-to-one work (such as Executive Coaching), all the way to creating, developing and delivering company-wide Culture, Behaviour and Leadership Change Programmes. All his work was underpinned by his expertise as a Psychologist.