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I am dedicated to seeing people thrive by helping them to living a more meaningful life


"Wellness is deeply personal. Through my own journey and the clinical experience it stems from, I’ve spent two decades exploring the proven links between your true self and your ultimate sense of wellbeing."

I invite you to unlock your true potential today."

Blessed with the mind of a scientist and the heart of an explorer, Dr Oberdan Marianetti has long been fascinated by the deep, untapped power of your mind.  


Through nearly two decades of hands-on Psychology work, he’s helped a vast array of people, from company heads to mums and dads, navigate the complexities of modern life.


His deep curiosity over the links between behaviour and wellbeing saw him take his own journey from clinical psychologist, to business consultant – and now to holistic entrepreneur. The result is a unique programme, tailored to all your modern wellbeing needs.

Broader horizons

Born and trained in Europe and America, in 2015 Dr Oberdan launched own brand and clinic based in Singapore. Together with a hand-picked team, he helps his patients and partners to address a wide range of personal and professional challenges.​

Dr Oberdan believes in the power of community and has spent a life dedicated to serving others. He is also vocal about the need to lead from a place of self-alignment and abundance – not self-sacrifice and scarcity.

Happiness breeds success, both in yourself and others. You are of the greatest service to others when you unleash your true self - the person you were born to be.

Tracking his success as both clinician and consultant, Dr Oberdan formulated the Essence Framework, a system to help individuals and companies assess and enhance their role and their impact on the world.

As well as being a Psychologist and Clinical Sexologist, Dr Oberdan is a qualified Wim Hof Method and Oxygen Advantage instructor.  All his work blends robust Psychology theory and with an innate love for learning and problem-solving.


The result is an ongoing quest for new theories, approaches and techniques, and a commitment to pursue impactful ways see clients rediscover their power and purpose.

​This mission is captured by his unique experiential retreats – geared around impactful personal transformation.

"You are already an amazing person. You possess deep powers and knowledge that can heal your wounds. Let us help you regain the trust in your body and your mind. The results can be life-changing."

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