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Your Retreat Feedback

You've done it! Thank you for doing the work and trusting us to guide you through this special retreat. 

2.5 days of experiences: introspection, connecting to yourself and others, learning new knowledge, discovering new ways of being, and letting go of what doesn't serve you.

It is now a new chapter of your life. Make the best of it with your new found understanding and skills on how to live your best life. 

Your sincere and candid feedback will help us shape this retreat in the most memorable and impactful way, in the same way past participants helped us refine the experience you just had. 

Thank you for giving your heartfelt, specific and detailed answers. 

I look forward to reading you. It is one of the few chances I get to hear from you directly. 


Much love,


Overall Impact

1. How much has the retreat had a significant impact on transforming your life?

Don’t love itNot greatGoodGreatLove it

2. Imagine you are talking to your best friend about your weekend experience. Describe below what you would share in some detail.

3. Given your experience, would you recommend this retreat to a loved one?

4. If Yes, please share their contact details.

5. Would you be interested in helping us spread the word about our retreat, if Yes, how can you help?

Retreat Structure

6. How would you rate the retreat structure, duration and sequence of events?

Don’t love itNot greatGoodGreatLove it

7. Please share your thoughts about the retreat structure , duration and sequence of events.


8. Please rate the overall communication since signing up until today.

Don’t love itNot greatGoodGreatLove it

9. Please share your useful comments about the ways in which we communicated with you throughout the various stages of the retreat, from signing up until today?


10. How would you rate the overall facilitator delivery?

Don’t love itNot greatGoodGreatLove it

11. What feedback could you share to help the facilitators improve on the delivery?

Content Relevance

12. How relevant was the content in relation to the reasons that brought you to the retreat in the first place?

Don’t love itNot greatGoodGreatLove it

13. Can you suggest any modifications to the retreat content, such as adding or removing elements?

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Thank you so much! Your feedback is incredibly valuable. You may now close the page.

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